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Raphael D'angelis

Raphael M. D'angelis

Co-Founder Chairman of Upturn Funds  

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas.png

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas

Co-Chairman of Upturn Funds New York

Chairman & CEO of Upturn Funds Caribbean

On a business trip to Guyana, an ambassador and a venture capitalist met and started discussing how together they could help implement government policies through business development. This became Upturn Funds Caribbean. We have merged Dr. Thomas's political and regulatory skills with Mr. D'angelis-Mendes's business venture spirit and a multi-talented team, to create projects for the world that are the most effective for business and public interests.

Today, we are involved in energy, agriculture, mining, construction, transportation, and crypto-mining in the Caribbean operations. In the USA operations, we focus on creating solutions using advanced technology for the commercial industry and real estate development and finance. Those high economic impact projects make Upturn Funds a unique advisory player in the market.

In this first Upturn Funds event, we will,


1. Demonstrate how to transform your trash to become diesel and where this is happening within your region

2. Bring customized investment solutions for the public and private sector

3. Debate and show how we can develop collaborations within our region to strengthen economic growth

4. Discuss the creation and lay an investment path for multiple maritime connection corridors

5. Empower projects that help our region meet UN SDG goals

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