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About Upturn Funds Caribbean Investment Summit


Upturn Funds Caribbean Investment Summit hosted by Leadership Axehead Consulting is a joint venture of Upturn Funds Venture and Leadership Axehead Consulting.




Our purpose is two-fold.

  1. To hold investment ideas and financing solutions for sustainable development in the Caribbean and beyond.

  2. To hold events globally that create and fuel a critical mass of cutting-edge leaders that bring transformation to society.


About Upturn Funds


At Upturn Funds, we believe that the importance of the role of business lies in sustainable development that creates a better society for all that are involved. It is with this solid belief system that we focus our energy on creating and teaming up with other organizations that seek to solve many societal problems with solutions that benefit people from all socioeconomic standings.

Furthermore, our focus is on driving initiatives that use the scale of our network, our products, our financial resources, and the collective expertise and commitment of our employees, to reach those traditionally underserved, providing them with access to resources that can help improve their economic livelihoods, businesses and communities. We are committed to generating wealth to all of our investors through social responsibilities ventures that benefit both the investor and the community at large.


About Leadership Axehead Consulting​

Leadership Axehead Consulting is a global leadership organization with a mission to coach and train a critical mass of cutting-edge leaders in the 12 Spheres of Leadership to bring transformation to society.

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