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UPP Political Leader Addresses Trade and Investment Conference as Part of Economic Revival Strategy

Upturn Funds Caribbean , 29th August, 2022

Harold Lovell addressing Upturn Funds Caribbean Investment Summit in Barbados

Photo Credits: Kristopher Streek

BARBADOS, 29 August, 2022 - UPP Political Leader, Harold Lovell was a featured speaker at the Upturn Funds Caribbean Investment Summit held in Barbados last weekend. Hosted by Leadership Axehead Consulting, this cutting edge investment solutions event featured government, private sector, investment and global leaders who presented customized solutions to address the socio-economic development needs of the Caribbean.

Job creation through strategic investment is high on the agenda, as the United Progressive Party (UPP) prepares its policies for the next general elections. The Party is therefore focused on strengthening investor relations by pursuing reputable partners and credible investment opportunities, as part of its Economic Revival Strategy to create thousands of jobs.

Accordingly, Lovell spent three days engaging regional and international investors and policymakers, who represent over US $5 Billion in investment potential for economic development throughout the Caribbean. Describing the conference as highly successful, Lovell presented the party’s investment prospectus on a number of key areas including: wellness tourism, agriculture and agri-business, affordable housing, renewable energy solutions, aviation and manufacturing. Conference attendees included leaders and investors from the US, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, Brazil, Europe and the Middle East. Also addressing the conference

were several high level government officials, including two members of the US Congress, Yvette Diane Clarke and Dr. Mark Green, Hon. Sandra Husbands, M.P. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade for Barbados and Hon. Evelyn Wever-Croes, Prime Minister of Aruba.

“The UPP will inspire a renewed sense of optimism to revive our struggling economy. In contrast to the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) that has failed to deliver any meaningful new projects over the last 8 years, the UPP is already doing proper due diligence to identify investors with a proven track record,” Lovell stated. ”Antigua and Barbuda is in urgent need of industry diversification that will propel the private sector and provide viable alternatives to public-sector employment. The UPP is developing a solid plan for economic revival, to create a vibrant, dynamic and prosperous nation that will put citizens and residents back to work.”

Harold Lovell meets Congressman Mark Green at Upturn Funds Caribbean Investment Summit in Barbados

Photo Credits Kristopher Streek

Summary of the UPP’s Economic Revival Plan

- Industry diversification programs that will transform Antigua and Barbuda’s struggling economy.

- A new era of business confidence among stakeholders, to strengthen Antigua and Barbuda’s economy.

- Boosting private sector investment to create thousands of jobs.

- Tap into new trade corridors to create opportunities for small and medium size businesses (SMEs) in agriculture, education, health, sports, environment, housing, energy and infrastructure development.

Reposition the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA) to facilitate greater foreign direct investment and bring equity to the investment playing field, by basing concessions, waivers and tax holidays on level of investment.


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